Thursday, June 28, 2007

Self portrait in a pocket mirror

Says what it does on the tin ... I had my face so close to the thing that I had to shut one eye to avoid stereo vision. I also seem to have obtained a birthmark on my forehead - a blemish on the paper...

And yes, my glasses DO sit a bit wonky-ly on my face!


janey said...

This is excellent. I love your expression and my glasses are a bit wonky too. And I'm not sure I'd should thank you for that hamster link. I've already spent the last 1/2 hr playing it over and over.

mrana said...

Looks like you're no longer scared of drawing faces ... and so you shouldn't be, this is so well done! and a lovely idea using the pocket mirror too, love your expression.

Meinhild Selbach said...

Wow, I have just taken time to look at your block. Good work, and good progress.
I started drawing last summer after reading Edward's book and started EDM just a month ago.
Bristol and area seem to be very nice places. I have friends at Clevedon.
Come and visit my blog at:
Greetings from France
Meinhild (inselfan54)

sooziebee said...

I like it! It's natural and full of character!
Thanks for your comments on my blog too! Really encouraging! I have more stuff to put on but am off horseriding for a weekend in Wales with a friend so won't get to post until next week, unless I do a post tonight.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Nice drawing Mithi!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mithi! Saw pics of you and Drew enjoying 'Singing In The Rain' with some Australian characters I might happen to know. ;)

Congratulations on the Distinction!! I'm really happy for you!!

Miss you HEAPS.


Julie said...

This is adorable! I love the squint.