Sunday, June 17, 2007

"Katherine W. who are you?!"

It's all over - today was the last day of the exhibition and a whole bunch of us turned up to mark the end. It was quite surreal to think that this was it - no more foundation course and no more hanging out with the girls (and guys) as part-time foundation students. We were the last people out of the building and to celebrate we all went down to our regular haunt, the "Tealight and Chandelier" for drinks.

I also finally got to look properly through my comments book - and I had been left some lovely words, mostly from people I know. But in amongst it all there was the message above. I have no idea who it is, and apparently she has been following my blog! All I can say is, "Katherine W. Who are you?!". Leave me a comment here so I can thank you properly.


sooziebee said...

Congrats on your Distinction, I knew you would get one, your work is really original!! I got my mark today and got a Merit, which I am sooo pleased with. I have put some pics of some of the other work on my blog. What are your plans now you are finished your course?

Katherine W. said...

You nearly gave me heart failure! I checked your blog to see if you’d updated it, only to be faced with my own handwriting – urgh, wish I’d written more neatly!

I came across your blog via a link on Andrea Joseph’s sketchblog a few weeks ago. I saw your photos of Whitechapel Art Gallery and wondered if they’d been taken from Central House and whether you were a LondonMet student. I was a LondonMet student a few years ago so that’s why I made the connection. I like your blog because it shows you progressing through the course stage by stage, so I can live it vicariously without doing any hard work ;-) . I think it would be excellent material for potential students to see, to give them an idea of what such a course is like.

Looking forward to next year!

All the best,

Katherine W.

littlemithi said...

Thanks for that Katherine! And also for visiting the show ... didn't mean to give you a fright - just really wanted to know how you came upon my blog ... there always seems to be more Americans than Brits out there ;)

I'm hoping to continue the blog with how I get on at the UWE illustration course, for my own benefit (so I can catalog my progress) and also so other people get an idea of how these courses are structured.

A toast to vicarious living!

Felicity said...

I'll drink to that! What a super exhibition, I would love to have seen it. Well done!