Friday, June 01, 2007

Pre-show setup

Summer term week 7 at art school

This is how my exhibition space is looking like at the moment. This is for assessments next week, so the stuff on the floor which is all the supporting work, will be gone before the private view. I've added a bit of 'filler' - the word 'laboratory' done using my molecular modelling kit; rainbow coloured protein structures in petri dishes; a clamp and some glassware for my 'bench' (the coloured beads in the test tubes are more of the beads from the molecular modelling kit); my notebook/sketchbook from the project which I have labeled 'Laboratory Notebook'; and another book I've done in an actual laboratory notebook that I had to source from my old college, which has pictures of all the stuff I've used and drawn in my boxes, and a description of what they all mean and are used for - this I've labeled 'Laboratory Handbook'. Incidentally, I've also labeled the three folders on the floor 'Laboratory Manual' - to keep in theme! I'm hoping to have some Moo cards printed in the next week in time for the private view on the 12th, that I can use as business cards and stick them in a container being held up by one of the clamps.

I think its looking OK, but I'm not entirely convinced. I'm also right in between two fabulous students with fabulous work - so feeling a bit self conscious I think. Eeep!

Another bit of news is that I've been asked to bring in the whole of my portfolio of work from the year, including sketchbooks and such, to be put on show for the exhibition - not everyone has been asked to do this, so its a real honour.

Can't believe how quickly this year has come to an end ...


sooziebee said...

Wow, distinction methinks!!

Carole said...

This is looking superb! I agree, a distinction is in order. Good luck with the assessment, and enjoy your exhibition!

sooziebee said...


I have done mine today too, and i wish it looked as good as yours!Have a look on my blog for pics. When are yours marked? Ours is next week, we just have to write an evaluation of the project and email it in. Good luck

PS I have linked your blog on mine, hope you don't mind??

Alison said...

I think it looks pretty impressive - interesting, novel, fun - you've come a long way in the last year