Thursday, February 22, 2007

Graphics and Design taster days

[picture of letterpress print to go here!]

Spring term Week 7 at Art School

This week at art college I've been to the Graphic Design (yesterday) and Design (today) BA course taster days for here at London Metropolitan. I didn't think I was going to do either course, but I thought I'd go along for the taster days anyway to see what was on offer (and to get something different to what I usually do on Wednesdays and Thursdays)

The Graphics taster day was really quite well designed. We (there were about 16 of us) had short versions of some of the lectures/tutorials the first year students get and learnt about things like "tautology", the connection between image and text, looked at newspaper contents and layouts, and even got to play in the letterpress workshop (yay! love getting my hands dirty!). It was the whole day and I felt I got a lot (although I'm still quite sure that graphic design is not the way I want to go).

Today was the Design taster day - considering the name of the course though it wasn't very well designed. We were put in with one of the first year classes - I don't think they had planned on getting quite so many Foundation students come along so there wasn't much space in the room. They got us to draw each other's expressions, but never really explained the context under which we were doing it ... we all felt a bit lost. We only had that one hour, and then one of the senior tutors took us away and talked to us about the course for about 20 minutes ... don't think I'm going to be studying Design at London Met...

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