Monday, February 26, 2007


Early this morning I went off on the one hour train journey to Brighton to visit their illustration course. I didn't need to get to the department till about 2pm, so I took the opportunity to spend the morning walking round Brighton - sat and ate my packed lunch on the beach, walked around the pier (where I drew the horse opposite), walked around Brighton Pavilion and some shops, and then turned up at the Art and Design Faculty (which is diagonally opposite the entrance to the Pavilion).

It wasn't an open day, but they run little tours for people on Monday afternoons for those who couldn't make the open days. There was about 10 people there and we were shown round the department, building and told abut how the course ran. I really liked what I saw in the way of the student artwork. I also know that illustration "God" Lawrence Zeegen, he who writes books on the subject, is the course leader there.

Everyone had their own desk space, they are very big on drawing skills, and also on broadness of materials used and application, and there was very little I could fault - maybe the fact that they don't necessarily give you inductions to 3D workshops (ceramics, wood and metalwork) - but hey, can't have everything.

The biggest issue really was the fact that they are one of the top illustration courses in the UK, and so are HEAVILY oversubscribed - ie, it's REALLY hard to get in. The other issue is of course can Sunshine get work here.

Currently at the top spot on my list ...

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