Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This morning I went for the first of a long line of open days I've organised to go to. I'm looking mostly at BA Illustration and similar courses. Today it was at the "University College for the Creative Arts" (formerly the Kent Institute of Art and Design) in Maidstone. The college has several other campuses but illustration is only in Maidstone.

It was about an hour out of London and in a nice little town with pretty houses and a pedestrianised city center. The college itself was small and intimate (just the way I like it) and with quite good facilities - especially in printmaking which is one of my interests. It made a fairly good impression, but it IS only my first open day. I'm not sure what Sunshine would be able to do if I chose to come here and I don't know anything about the social/cultural scene either. I'm still debating about being in/out-of London, so I'm going to all the places I can that have been recommended to me for Illustration degrees.

This is going to be hard work.

BA hons Illustration
BA hons Printmaking with Illustration
Illustration students gallery


casey said...

Lovely travel sketch -and good luck with making the right choice!

Anonymous said...

love the structures of this drawing. You make me wish I'd gone to art school sigh. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, you have great work on yours, love your linework! I'm afraid I don't go to Brighton, I study at UWE in Bristol (I did look around Brighton myself though when I was considering universities, my perosnal preference was Bristol but it's definitely worth looking at as many as possible before deciding). Best of luck finding the best uni for you, hope you find a great course!

adam buckland said...

Yes, come down to Maidstone, we need good dancers esp good follows!


Adam (Ex LLX).