Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Back at art school - assessment day

Spring term Week 1 at Art School - p.1

Hello and welcome back to Planet Mithi! Happy new year to my regular readers ... so I've been away for over three weeks, and haven't really done much art. Visiting family is never a real 'holiday', as they see me so infrequently that whenever I visit all my attention is taken up by them, and I really can't get away and do some sketching. Still, since I knew I had homework to finish for today's assessment, I spent the last week with my folks hunched over the dining table doing homework - and here are the results:

Back in October, we did a developmental drawing project. I was not very happy with my results so I redid them.

We were to use these drawings to then to finish the colour theory project.

I still haven't managed to do the 3D for the developmental drawings, or anything exciting with the colour theory offcuts, but I handed all this stuff in anyways. They said they 'd understand that the part-time students wouldn't be able to finish everything. I got home late last night after delays with flights and a 30 hour door to door journey. Still managed to put my portfolio together before I collapsed into bed. This morning the jetlag meant I was up by 4:30 am (damn!). Got into college, put my portfolio and sketch books out on my desk and wondered off for a lecture on photography with Dave, and then our final History of Art lecture with Georgina.

History of Art this week was "postmodernism" - which is pretty much most of the latter half of last century - everything that is "post"- "modernist".

After the lectures, we wondered back to our studio and were told that the tutors were still doing our assessments, and to come back tomorrow for the results. I looked into the room and noticed that my stuff had been moved around - so they've seen it already. Fingers crossed for tomorrow....


Elizabeth said...

Best wishes for tomorrow. The work looks beautiful.

sharm said...

hey mithi! loved the b&w sketches, they might need to be the days entry for a visual diary i am keeping this year :-) have a good time at home? lots of makan? urgh, don't make me jealous! take care maybe see you in london, perhaps march?

Anonymous said...

Good luck for the assessment!

The drawings look great. They would make good etchings.

Anonymous said...

I really like these...wonderful design and composition and the color work looks very interesting.