Thursday, January 11, 2007

Distinctions at Central House

Spring term Week 1 at Art School - p.2

Whoopee!!! I've got a DISTINCTION for my work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Four of us from the course did - I'm really surprised, but also very happy. My feedback sheet had hardly any comments, apart from, "Whole thing fantastic, a pleasure to look at. Could go anywhere in the 'design' area." YAY! Illustration and design is exactly what I want to go into. :)

After the excitement of the morning, and wondering around looking at everyone else's fantastic portfolios and sketchbooks (I'm fortunate to be surrounded by a really talented group of people), we started on this week's project. They are no longer structured like last term, but very very open ended. For example, today we were given an architectural plan of the building our studios are in, Central House, and were to use that to inspire a piece of work. We didn't even have to necessarily base it on the actual architectural plans, but anything to do with the building.

First off we were sent out to take photos and do some drawings of things that interested us. While most people wandered of to look at bits of the building itself, I was more interested in the fixtures and fittings. I took lots of photos of door handles and plumbing and taps and safety equipment etc. Then when I started drawing, what really inspired me were all the things that kept people form entering or exiting - locks, bolts, etc. So most of my drawings were of those.

*Hmmm... I'm sure this qualifies for EDM challenge 55 - draw a door knob!

I have some idea of where I might want to go with this, but I think I'm also going to spend a bit of the weekend trying to pursue a couple of other options.


Maggie said...

Hey Mithi! Congratulations on the Distinction! Love your locks and door knobs. Best wishes from rathr grey Liverpool, Maggie

Alison said...

This is an interesting take - I'll come back to see where you go with it. And congrats on the distinction. Your year is flying by, it seems.

Anonymous said...

Make it 5 Mithi as I too, got a Distinction. Great work by the way.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments. YOu're really make such good use of your art school opportunity. It's so exciting to see what you're doing.