Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Culture Vulture

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This year's 'Process and Practice' module (mostly print making and paper engineering) is going by the theme of 'Culture'. Here are some sketches out of my sketchbook whilst I was thinking of imagery around 'culture'. The top two are me playing with the idea of 'bacterial culture'... something very close to my heart ;) The bottom two are looking at Malaysia and its wide mix of cultures and traditions/religions/customs etc.

I haven't quite decided what path I'm going to go down (have to produce an editioned final piece using print processes, and two double page spreads using pop-up techniques), but we've got a workshop session tomorrow where we have to bring in a colour image that we've made, and learn how to do colour separations for printmaking. I think I might bring along these two as they are both relevant to the Asian cultures thing ... and anyways, this is not the final piece but just something to help us learn the process ...


Catherine said...

Interesting project. I like your use of bacteria as a form of culture - your scientific background must come in handy!

Shirley said...

I've always enjoyed following you through your projects - can't wait to see the product.

Anonymous said...

Very cool blog, very nice projects!

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