Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back at it!

Wow! What a busy week this has been! Its back to school - second year of my Illustration BA, and we're off to a running start. We've got two modules running parallel this semester - 'Process and Practice' - which is a combination of print and pop-ups; and 'Word and Image' - which, as it says, is about working from texts.

The Word and Image summer work was actually to read and do some background research/ideas on a book /piece of text from a list of about 8. I chose Mark Haddon's "The Curios Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time". I'd read it a couple of years ago and it really appealed to my scientific, logical side.

I read it again, this time doodling as I went through... Here's a selection of my doodles - there's at least one almost every page.

Will update on 'Process and Practice' once I've built up a bit more work on it ... we've been given the overall theme of "Culture".

Another thing worth mentioning is that on Thursday I went down to the opening of the Here Gallery's 5th Birthday show with the Peskimos. Its called "Even Dwarves Started Small" and is a completely Gocco themed show - Hurray! Some lovely work on show and definitely worth a visit (the show is on all month).


ksklein said...

Hi Mithi, your package is awesome, awesome, awesome! I need to find the time to post about it soon and I´ll send you the link *hugs, Kerstin

suzanne said...

Oh Mithi...I wish I could go to school with you. The projects you work on sounds so facinating. I look forward to reading more here. You continue to inspire me. I should be visiting your blog every single day.

arcticcircles said...

Love the astronaut and so glad I found your blog- it's lush. Really nice to meet you at the "even dwarves..." event on Thursday with the peskimos.