Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Post 200! Photo 100! and Summer School!

Exclamation Marks!!!

Yes, its post number 200!!!

And to celebrate you get 100 days of project 365!!!

Time has flown by this year - my 100th post (also the blog's 1st Birthday) was just after we moved to Bristol so that I could start on my new life, and here we are, 10 months later, having finished a whole academic year of being an illustration student; having gotten engaged; having started a 365 photography project; and having thoroughly enjoyed life :)

Today too it finally feels like summer - after the last few weeks being mad busy doing stuff, and all of last week spring/summer cleaning of the house, I finally managed to sit myself down and get on with some summer projects; namely Miss Stacey's Summer School. The first project involves playing round with paint, and then painting a portrait. Well, one of my aims for this summer has been to learn how to paint skin tones, so I've been practicing by doing paintings of my foot and hand :

Guache in Moleskine Sketchbook

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have done a portrait too ... yay :)

Happy Summer everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!


claire-elizabeth said...

Thought i'd have a nosey onto your blog to check out your skin tones! These are amazing! really like the texture.. can't wait to see a portrait !

Camilla said...

I love how these look a bit paint-by-numbers (in a very good way) can't wait to see the rest of your painting!

Anonymous said...

aiyo mithi, so cantik! i love the blue grey in there. have a lovely summer!

Adele said...

Wow. What a landmark. A double one, in fact. I'd never been to your 365 Project till today. It's amazing. Thanks for you're encouraging words, by the way. And I'm absolutely going to Ascot again next year. It was so much fun. I'll let you know which day I'm planning on, and you can come, too!

design for mankind. said...

You have such talent, Mithi. :)

Claudine said...

I really like the passages on the ankle and wrist. Your colors here are nice, and nicely laid down. They are blocks of color, lots of marks of different hues that sort of work together to create depth. Visual blending, yea!

janey said...

A big congrats on your blog anniversary and your engagement. It sure goes quickly doesn't it? Unlike my renovation but thankfully it's over. Now I can concentrate at looking at your wonderful artwork :D

Gesa said...

Congratulations - that all sounds like a thoroughly good time.
The skin tones are fab - I'm sticking with graphite sketchy people for the time being, but I'm taking note of where to go back to later on.
I've been using more gouache lately and am enjoying it.