Thursday, June 12, 2008

Missed ...

Just tidying up this last semester's work when I realised that there's a few bits I hadn't managed to upload to the blog:

Did another one of these (so theres five in the set)

Also, as some homework for the life painting sessions, we had to take a photo, and using a black and white version of it as tonal reference, do a high key and low key version of it.

Low key

High key

The idea being that after that we could black and white photocopy the two paintings to see if we managed to get the tones right - I didn't get them exactly (especially the background area) but did better on the hands. This is what the two look like (left low key, right high key):

I think this is the last of this year's work (apart from some random sketches)... Phew! What a year of learning ... and my 198th post! Maybe I should do something special for the 200th .... hmmm....

Look out for a feature on this year's graduating class from UWE illustration in the next few days :)


Charlotte Cooke Illustration said...

we should defo do drawing trips and tea and cake and chocolates and ice cream!!!! thought it was time i put some new stuff on the blog, been a bit sloppy recently - not like you Miss 198!! did you get good marks for drawing from life? i got 68 xx

design for mankind. said...