Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Self portraits 16-18

Only managed 3 today - but at least they all have a theme - about the two sides of me, the logical scientific side; and the creative artistic side.

I've always associated myself with the Queen of Clubs - not sure why, but here you go. My teeth and eyebrows have come out a bit strange (gotta make mistakes to be learning from them) ... but I was quite pleased with the concept. Gouache on paper.

The next two are collages (the faces are ink with brush on paper). They should ideally be in a pair. Firstly, the right side of my brain, the creative, artistic side.Then the left, logical scientific side. But of course both sides influence each other - thats why all my paint brushes are so regimented and in straight lines, and my scientific images all so pretty and colourful.


Tiara said...

These are my favourite of the lot! Especially love the brain collages - very interesting how you had incorporated the different sides in each collage.

rama hughes said...

these are fantastic self-portraits, mithi! i posted one of them on the portrait party with an encouragement that everyone come visit you. thanks for your note also. that was really kind of you to say.

caseytoussaint said...

Excellent! My favorite is the 'queen of clubs" but all are striking.

Lindsay said...

I'm very excited to visit your site. I came here through the Portrait Project and I can't wait to see what you are going to do!!! I love the rt and lft brain portrait.

Carole said...

These are all so imaginative! You seem to be thriving on this course.

I love the Queen of Clubs idea, and the collages work really well too. These must be taking you ages.

Claudine said...

A self portrait can be about identity rather than a straight representation. I see you're pushing into these different ideas of content already. I wonder what parameters you have set for yourself with this assignment. You mentioned you are trying to experiment with different media, what other ideas are you interested in exploring?

Anonymous said...

Michelangelo was an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, poet and engineer.

I have known of two very gifted engineers, one was a master vilonist and the other and expert photographer.

I believe that the scientific and artistic Mithila can co-exist with harmony. Some ideas which you can "think" of:
1) Write for the Discover magazine an article on the progression of cancer (with pictures included)
2) Write for a children's science encyclopedia
3) Work with a research institute that studies the dynamics of the brain when an individual (such as yourself) is joyously immersed in his/her true strenghts (& design pictures "works of art" that shows the different stages of the brain).
4) Design front covers for literature novels (e.g. Penquin Classics).

What you are doing is pushing your boundaries and discovering the many potentials still hiding in your brain.

Just my two cents.