Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lets pickle Damien Hirst!

Back at school for spring term and we're shoved straight into a 2 day workshop of making a 'fanzine' - or anti-fanzine, or anything similar in concept that we wanted to do. We were divided into 5 groups and then picked a topic out of a hat - and our group got "Damien Hirst".

After a quick brainstorming and research session, we decided that since he's so famous for his cut up pickled animals, we were going to make a "pickle your own Damien Hirst" kit. And so off we went ...

Harry did the head, Mark the Torso, Christine the arms, Charlotte the legs, Luke the labels on the jar, and I made the 'Free diamantes' label and an instruction sheet for the kit. If you have a facebook account, you should be able to see the pictures here on our UWE illustration group page.

Here's what Damien looks like all assembled:

And here's my contributions: The instruction sheet,
the 'Free Diamantes' voucher, the Hazard labels (which read: "CAUTION:CONTAINS FORMALDEHYDE. Toxic by inhalation and if swallowed. To be used only by authorised professional artists. May cause sensitisation to the media and critics. Repeated or prolonged exposure increases risk of egotistical behaviour.), and of course sourcing the scientificy bottles and gloves and the actual jar.

I must say that I really enjoyed doing this collaborative work, especially with such talents as those on my course. I think Damien went down very well with the rest of the course too. We had 4 other equally wonderful fanzines produced in the last day and a half.

I've also been up to a lot with projects over the holidays - its all 'work in progress' so I'll update as I hand things in for assessment ...


Anonymous said...

There is currently a Damien Hirst room size tank of formaldehyde with a pickled tiger shark in the Modern Art galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I don't get it! I cheer your project.

Tiara said...


is there a way to view what everyone else came up with?

suzanne said...

So much fun.

I wish I went to school with you!

Wendy said...

What a great project! Your art school sounds great.

Carole said...

This made me smile - what a great idea!

I've finally posted some inside pages of my book onto my blog if you want to see.

Cakespy said...

Oh my goodness, you are so clever! I love this!!!

design for mankind. said...