Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Painting workshop

Yesterday and today were supposed to be painting workshops with yesterday being 'opaque' ie acrylics and guache, and today 'transparent' ie watercolours. Yesterday turned out to be a bit frustrating and I felt I didn't really learn much apart from maybe some color mixing tips. Today on the other hand was much better (partly also because only about half the class turned up so the tutor had less people to deal with and could actually spend time with each of us). I felt I learnt lots and feel I'm ready to do more experimenting of my own accord.

On the TOP is a monochrome painting done with diluted black Indian ink in several washes. In the MIDDLE is a colour wheel seeing the effect of overlaying washes of primary colour; and a painting done using a set of complementary colours - in my case yellow and purple. And at the BOTTOM is a portrait of my fellow coursemate, Luke (we were in pairs and whenever I was looking at him, he was looking at his painting and 'squinting' his lips, so I've drawn him that way - Luke's (very good) version of me made me look quite stern - I guess that what I look like when I'm concentrating!).


Tiara said...

i'd like to see luke's painting of you :)

caseytoussaint said...

Well done Mithi - watercolor portraits are so difficult, and doing it live....I'm full of admiration. I'd also love to see the portrait of you.