Thursday, October 18, 2007

Life in watercolour

Another life-drawing Thursday. As these sessions are free to join and not assessed, I'm using them to experiment. Today I was looking at breaking away from my usual 'lines' and doing a bit more form.


sooziebee said...

Wow and wow, the man and the cockerel!
And you said you weren't good doing people, and just liked drawning with line. These are fab, a new found talent definitely

ksklein said...

fabulous indeed. not bad!

mrs charlie said...

wow mithi, excellent stuff. i need to get to a life drawing session soon!!

mrs charlie

Bitterjug said...

Hey Mithi

Not been here for a while.
Happy and amazed to see beautiful paintings without lines. So proud of your for trying and proovinf you have an exceptinal talent for this too. Lovely soft colours here and still with the edgyness that makes it a Myth.