Thursday, March 22, 2007

Statement of intent

Spring term Week 11 at Art School

This week was mostly spend organising my portfolio. Yesterday I spent the whole day leaning over my desk putting together all the work I've done this term. And today we had assessments for this term and a portfolio review for those of us applying to fulltime BA courses - like me! One of the tutors whizzed through my portfolio pulling things out and rearranging the order (although there are a couple of things I disagree with and will have MY way) and making sure I had a plan for what I was going to do to prepare myself for a potential interview. I can't believe its all happening! The one other person on the part-time course that has already got an interview lined up is Derve (Fashion at LCF) - and the rest of us are waiting. EEEP!

We also got told today about our "statement of intent" which we need to fill in by next week! It's for our final major project - God, they want that already??!!?? I'm not ready yet! This year has just gone by way to fast...

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Bitterjug said...

I notice they want you to describe your artistic intent in boxes of 100 or so words. Isn't that a bit like asking you to dance about architecture?

Hmm. Mithi is, in fact, one of the people I consider most qualified to dance about any subject you care to mention.