Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hippie transport...

Spring term Week 10 at Art School

This week I have been mostly printing rainbow coloured backgrounds (as you can see on the left). I cut the piece of lino up last night - first having warmed it up above the toaster as I was told warm lino is easier to cut. Unfortunately I left it there a bit too long and managed to stink the whole house with the smell of burnt lino! Fortunately it wasn't too bad, so the lino could still be used, but MAN the smell was horrendous (especially when leaning over cutting it!). Anyways, I haven't yet decided if I want to use them as they are, or cut the prints out and do a bit of a collage job on them.

The reason I did them was to generate some hippie-esque backgrounds for some paintings/collages I've been inspired to do based on some drawings I did in my drawing diary.

The bike is the wheeled transport I use now, the Beetle our family car when I was a baby (love them!), and the VW camper van because I've always wanted one and maybe will someday have one myself. A before, now, future sequence. Hope it comes together.


Bitterjug said...

After toasting, you could spread marmite on it and if it still doesn't print well, you can at least eat it.

Alison said...

This is my vehicle history too - camped with cousins in their VW, was driven on honeymoon in 1958 beetle which got stuck on the last hill and we had to sleep in it in the dark, not knowing that there was only 10 or so metres to the top - and now I ride a bike.

Recoding said...

Hey, I really like your image you did of the VW Campervan, so much that I would really like to use it on my website, as my logo.

Could you please email me about the rights for the image, and if it is okay for me to use it?

Thanks, email is dan[at]cloudtechnologies[dot]net

Thanks again, and there are some amazing images on this site, you really do have talent!!