Monday, April 06, 2009

Mail Me Art

We are back from our jam-packed trip to London (to do a special project, which I will blog about in a bit once I've got all the photos sorted). But in amongst it all, we managed to drop into the "Mail Me Art" exhibition for about 10 minutes. It was nice to see my work hung up and to finally meet Darren who made it all happen.

The exhibition's on till Thursday 5pm ... and if you're in London, its REALLY worth going to ... some really wonderful and lovely work on display :)

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Fabric Nation said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by! It is kinda a small world, I came across your blog as xtina had mentioned you and what you were doing. I have been toying with doing something similar for a while so have been following your adventures! And your other 'project' sounds exciting too!