Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Painting in tone

Progression from last week: painting in tone:

As you can see, I'm really struggling with acrylics. Then we moved on to adding one tint (colour):

I missed the last bit of the session as I had been volunteered by the course director to go sit in a student consultation. During that time the rest of the class did a head and shoulders in tint of the life model. So I did a self portrait in the same technique once I got home.

Homework had been to do a tonal scene, not necessarily with figures, and we could choose what media to use - charcoals/conte or acrylics. Guess what I went for ...

I sat in the back garden and looked over the fence at the neighbours. Black cat kept jumping up onto the fence so I thought I'd draw him as well.

I'm still determined to get to grips with painting in acrylics ... will just take a little time, and more practice. Still getting to grips with tones. Being currently inspired by Lucien Freud and Euan Uglow.


Camilla said...

We should get together and do some painting/drawing sometime. I like working with acrylics, but I tend to either use them very thick (with huge house painting brushes) or very watered down. Today we had a visiting lecturer who showed some nice techniques for oils which has inspired me to try them again.

caseytoussaint said...

You're doing better than you think - especially if this is a new medium for you. And I really love your tonal drawing.