Sunday, March 16, 2008

Portrait Birthday Party!

I've been wanting to have a 'Portrait Party' for a long time. Some of my course mates and I have also been planning a little get-together before everyone left for the three week Easter holidays (spring break). And with it being my birthday tomorrow, we though it would be great to make it all come together! So Alice, Rich, Jennie and Luke all gathered at ours yesterday for an evening filled with fun and laughter and plenty of drawing, eating, drinking and being silly. It wasn't as well organised as Rama's, but we were having too much fun to really care :)

Alice, Rich, Jen, and I managed to draw a lot ... we took it in turns to pose while the rest of the group drew the model together. At the top of this entry is the other's portraits of me :)

Below is everyone's portraits of Alice.

Then of Rich...

Then of Jennie ... Sunshine got in on the act too here.
He'd been playing host and providing 'entertainment' most of the evening.

So obviously we had to all draw him too ... (his entertainment consisted of finding us funny and silly web videos to watch between drawing sessions!).

Luke-the-lovely had offered to cook so was slaving away in the kitchen making Goan fish curry -YUM! - while most of the drawing sessions were going on. But as you can see he did get in on the act and draw Sunshine, and we all got to draw him lounging about with his glass of post-dinner wine.

And Luke also managed to do Jen, Rich and Alice all in a row on the sofa drawing me!
Proof that the Portrait Party did actually happen...

And a lovely evening was had by all!!!

Edit: Thought I's better tell you their full names so yo can look them up when they're all rich and famous artists! Alice Hyde, Richard Partridge, Luke Elston, Jennie Gyllblad, and 'Mr Sunshine'.


Lindsay said...

congrats! Now I HAVE to have one of my own!

Dilkey said...

"Happy Birthday" Sayang.Have a wonderful wonderful Birthday!Wish I was there in your lovely party and draw you cutting cake.Have beautiful and fun filled holiday.Love
Ammu and Abbu.
17th March 2008.

Jennie Gyllblad (JenJen) said...

Wow! I never saw the one Luke did of all of us! That is so cool.

Thanks for uploading Mithi. I must add a section for this silliness to my homepage (when I have time to actually update it :D)

We need to have more portrait parties!

Camilla said...

Next time you have one can I come along?! And a very happy birthday to you- i've been sick and ill (again) and am very behind on the world of blogs etc. Hope you have a great Easter break- are you around Bristol- maybe we could go to Slimbridge?

rama hughes said...

happy birthday, mithi! i posted a little something about your party on the portrait party and i'll add some more of the swaps over the next few weeks to put you in the running for our happy birthday contest. i'm so happy that you had fun. i'm jealous to have been there!