Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's getting closer (with dates)

Have done a third drawing for the large boxes set, and did a bit more colouring and tweaking of the other picture of bottles:

And this is what the boxes are shaping up like:

The two at the bottom look like a pair but the top one is a bit of an anomaly - I might display them separately. Also, the backgrounds are just too boring. I need to pep these boxes up or they won't hold their own against the other set.

In other news, lots of people have been asking about dates for assessments/show etc., so here goes:

Everything in and done by Thursday 31st May
Internal examinations week of 4th-8th
External examiners in on Monday 11th June

Private view Tuesday 12th June 6-8pm (my stuff will be in room CE2-04, Central House)
Exhibition open Wednesday 13th June - Sunday 17th June 10:30am - 7:00pm

I'll be there invigilating at some point during the week (although we haven't sorted out our rota yet) but probably not Wednesday as I'm due to go to Bristol to see their end-of-year show.


Zara said...

The images are great, really striking. I love the layering, is it acetate that you're using?

Andrew said...

Hey that's my bench! How you've put everything together looks great. A unique presentation.