Wednesday, December 13, 2006

3D workshop

Week 11 at Art School - p.1

Short entry today - mostly because we didn't actually make much art (and also my hand was being used as a modroc model, which made taking photos difficult!). Today we had an introduction to the foundation 3D workshop, a little room full of tools and materials for making things. Most of the stuff was what you'd find in a woodworking (hammers, chisels, saws and the like) or sculptural (plasters, alginates, clay, tools for manipulating the materials) workshop. We all had a quick go at some soldering, playing with plaster and modroc (bandage impregnated with plaster), playing with alginate (it's the blue stuff that the dentist uses to take impressions of your teeth), and also some liquid latex.

The technician then took us on a tour of the BA Fine Art student studios to show us what we could do if we stayed on to do a BA at our college. It was nice to see what the students were doing.

Art history lecture today was about the 60s. Rather than lecture us, the tutor showed us a video about The Beatles "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", and the summer of love, and all that that era was influenced by (LSD mainly!) and what that era influenced.

It was nice to be back in college - although I was limping and got quite tired by the end. Thank you to everyone who has been leaving me encouraging comments on my last entry.

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